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Belts for Holzmann machines

The Holzmann machine brand is widely distributed in France and Europe.

We offer replacement belts for these Holzmann machines!

The belt is a widely used part of wear to allow your machine to work. Find here the belts for all models of the brand Holzmann, woodworking machine or metal machine, our range is scalable according to the demands of our customers.

Whether you have a band saw, a planer jointer, a wood lathe, a router, a circular saw, a wood combined and many other machine tools, we can supply you with the belt that is essential to your machine!

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Flat belt 686x10 mm for thicknesser Bernardo PT260 or Holzmann HOB260ABS
24.99 € Price
Belt Poly V 940J5 for Bernardo PT260 or Holzmann HOB260ABS
24.99 € Price
Belt for saw Holzmann TS315VF-2000
24.99 € Price
Adherent for flat belt (420g)
16.66 € Price
Trapezoidal belt for Scheppach Slik 5.0b, Holmann KS2000 and Bernardo HV70
16.66 € Price
Belt Poly V 722J3 for Bernardo PT260 or Holzmann HOB260ABS
24.99 € Price
Courroie pour tour à métaux Holzmann ED400FD
29.99 € Price
Belt Poly V 711J5 for Zipper HB305
12.49 € Price
Belt POLY V 508J5 for spindle moulder Holzmann FS160L
10.83 € Price
Belt for metal lathe Holzmann ED300FD
29.99 € Price
Belt for Holzmann D300F
24.99 € Price
Belt for wood lathe Holzmann D510F and Leman TAB050
20.83 € Price
Belt Poly V 3PJ686 for wood lathe Scheppach DM460T
8.33 € Price