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Circular Saw blade for log saw

More and more people are using a log saw to cut their firewood for the winter.

A large selection of quality log saw blades of all diameters!

As the cutting diameter of the log is different depending on the machine, the saw blade diameter must be adapted to the machine.

That's why you will find here all the diameters of existing log saw blades on the market, from diameter 400 to diameter 700 mm for the most popular ones.

The quality of our blades is highly appreciated by users because the body of the blade is thick to avoid vibrations and the carbide tip of each tooth is highly dimensioned to allow your blade a great longevity!

The log saw blade can be either with carbide teeth for the most demanding but also simply steel with a set of teeth.

But also blades for log saws with special fixings ...

At Probois machinoutils, you will also find log saw blades with special holes for Séca or Gaubert log saw holders because their special fixings do not correspond to the usual standard.

Circular Saw blade for log saw - Probois machinoutils

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