Extension cord and electrical outlet

We repeat it enough, it is essential to ensure that its woodworking machine or garden machine has an excellent electrical input!

Find here the extensions and the appropriate electrical outlets!

The extension cord is the important electrical element, it is she who will give the engine of your machine power and ensure its lifetime! The extension is not too long and is always unrolled, a 2.5² extension of wire size is widely recommended for small engines and mandatory for the most powerful. Often a bad, unsuitable extension is the cause of the engine failure.

The electrical outlet, whether single-phase or three-phase, is also an essential electrical element because a defective socket will cause damage to the machine, which is why we also offer plugs to European standards to ensure the proper electrical conduit.

Extension cord and electrical outlets for machines - Probois

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Extension cord three-phase 2.5 mm2 10 meters special woodworking machines
99.99 € Price
Extension cord single-phase 2.5 mm2 10 meters special woodworking machines
58.33 € Price
Male electrical outlet single phase
12.49 € Price
Female electrical outlet single phase
8.33 € Price
Male electrical outlet three phase
14.16 € Price
Female electrical outlet three phase
12.49 € Price
Distribution box Holzmann SSV16A
162.50 € Price
Distribution box Holzmann SSV32A
207.50 € Price
Automatic start-up system ALV2
79.99 € Price
Automatic start-up system ALV1
124.99 € Price