Tools for spindle moulder

Spindle tools are essential, because in carpentry and cabinet making, work at the top is a common and unavoidable operation.

A range of router tools for professionals and DIYers!

Whether you have a 30 mm tree or a 50 mm tree, we have the router tool you need! Because router work is certainly the most dangerous and difficult job in the carpentry business, we only offer top quality Swiss router tools to ensure the highest quality.

Also different types of tool holders for routing!

The manufacture of furniture, kitchen doors or any other creation, goes through different stages of construction and woodworking. That's why several kinds of tool holders and router bits exist. This can be tool holders with shaped carbide inserts carrying out the work to be carried out or tool holders on which router bits are mounted.

Probois machinoutils will bring you a wide range of router tools at the cheapest prices on the market for the highest quality!

Tools for spindle moulder - Probois machinoutils

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Set of DADO blades Ø200 mm

99.99 € Tax included

Set of 7 carbide blades for making grooves on a circular saw or on a router.

Door tools flat-band Ø160 mm - Working below

158.33 € Tax included

Tool-holder, alloy-bodied to achieve flat-bands.
The diameter is adapted to the machines with the passage of the housing is equal to or greater than 160 mm.