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Power feeder

The role of the power feeder is to move the wood forward without the hands intervening.

The power feeder : safety and efficiency

Maximum safety and regularity in the advance of the wood for a finish of much better quality! The trainer can be used as a router for short pieces as well as jointers for series pieces of wood or for small pieces of wood. The coach lays the wood on the table and completely avoids the rejection of the wood even in case of knot in contact with the tools, total safety at work! The trainer attaches either directly to the wood-combined table or router or can be mounted on a mounting plate and becomes removable.

Power feeders - Probois machinoutils

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Power feeder Maggi STEFF 2032 - 4 speed - 180W

537.50 € Tax included

European-made power feeder equipped with an extended horizontal arm for adaptation to all types of routers or combined for the realization of series work.