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Workshop vacuum cleaners are machines that everyone can use! Whether it is chip vacuum cleaners for wood-burning machine owners or water and dust vacuum cleaners for cleaning your workshop, garage or outside, there is always a suitable vacuum cleaner!

The many chip vacuum cleaners that we offer are both robust, powerful and capable of being connected to several machines at once, so discover our wide range suitable for both DIYers and professionals. These vacuum cleaners for sawdust and chips are indispensable for machines such as handsets, planes, jointers and others.

The vacuum cleaner with water and dust allows him the cleaning of surfaces! It is equipped with a stainless steel, polypropylene or stainless steel sledge tank and a suction hose of variable length. These 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners are essential in your workshop, they allow the cleaning of your soil by sucking sawdust, chips, sand, water. These machines will allow you to clean your workshop after sanding plaster, they will allow you to suck the water fell on your floor, but also rubble from demolition work for example.

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Dust collector Scheppach HA1000

100.00 €

The dust collector Scheppach HA1000 is ideal for small woodworking machines such as band saws, scroll saws, electro-portable machines, etc.

Dust collector Holzmann ABS1500FF Dust collector Holzmann ABS1500FF
  • -€40.00

Dust collector Holzmann ABS1500FF

317.50 € €360.00 -€40.00

The dust collector Holzmann ABS1500FF is equipped with an FP1 filter cartridge! It has a 750W motor and a suction power of 1500 m³ / h. Its constant suction power will allow you to work easily!

Dust collector Jean l'ébéniste FM300

312.50 €

The workshop dust collector John l'ébéniste FM300 offers a capacity of 160 liters of chip storage and is equipped with a 1500W motor and a suction power of 2500 m³ / h.

Dust collector Bernardo ASA3500

415.83 €

The dust collector Bernardo ASA3500 is a dust collector that can be connected to 2 machines at the same time, with a 1500W motor and a suction power of 2530 m³ / h!

Dust collector Holzmann ABS3000SE

382.50 €

The Dust collector Holzmann ABS3000SE is a powerful mobile machine with a powerful 1500W motor guaranteeing an incredible suction capacity of 3000 m³ / h!

Dust collector Bernardo DC450CF

607.50 €

The Bernardo DC450CF dust collector equipped with an FP2 filter cartridge offers a suction capacity of 2800 m³ / h and storage of 300 liters of chips!

Dust collector Holzmann ABS3880

382.50 €

The dust collector Holzmann ABS3880 has a capacity of 2 times 200 liters of chip storage, so more than its competitors, because its height is greater! It has a motor of 2200W, a suction power of 3880 m³ / h!

Dust collector Jean l'ébéniste FM300S

390.83 €

The dust collector Jean l'ébéniste FM300S offers a capacity of twice 150 liters of chip storage. It has a motor of 2200W and a suction power of 3900 m³ / h!

Dust collector Holzmann ABS5000SE - 400V

537.50 €

The Holzmann ABS5000 chip vacuum cleaner has a 2200W motor and its suction power is very efficient with its 5000 m³ / h! Ideal for small carpentry workshops!

Dust collector Bernardo DC550FC

874.17 €

The dust collector Bernardo DC550CF equipped with 2 FP2 filter cartridges offers a suction capacity of 4400 m³ / h and a storage of 600 liters of chips!

Air filtration system 30 Jean l'Ebéniste

370.83 €

Air filtration or air purification system for individuals and small workshops. Silent, it is equipped with 3 speeds controlled by an infrared remote control. It offers an air flow of 30 m3 / min.

Dust collector Bernardo ASA4500

499.17 €

The Bernardo ASA4500 dust collector is a dust collector that can be connected to 3 machines at the same time, its suction power of 3900 m³ / h makes it ideal for small workshops!