Planer thicknesser 260 mm Holzmann HOB260ECO
  • Planer thicknesser 260 mm Holzmann HOB260ECO
  • Planer thicknesser 260 mm Holzmann HOB260ECO
  • Planer thicknesser 260 mm Holzmann HOB260ECO

Planer thicknesser 260 mm Holzmann HOB260ECO


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Reference: HOB260ECO

Planer thicknesser Holzmann HOB260ECO is an ideal machine for DIY enthusiasts.

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The planer thicknesser Holzmann HOB260ECO fits into the mid-range machine category!

Dedicated to the handyman and amateur anxious to afford a good material for an interesting budget, it is equipped with regrindable irons. It is therefore possible to equip this jointer with carbide irons, the recommended quality for hard and abrasive wood because it is much more efficient.

Important recommendation of Probois for many woodworking machines:

  • Before starting always check the inside of the machine, see if the belts are correctly fitted, tighten the bolts, grease the tables, etc. because the different transports cause vibrations.
  • Always use an extension cord of 2.5² wire size
  • The extension must not exceed 10 meters and must not be rolled
  • Provide an electrical meter with special fuses at least 16A starting
  • Have a standard electric meter with neutral and earth
  • Always work with a chip vacuum cleaner for your health and machine warranty
  • Always grease the cast iron tables with slip-wood
  • Always work with the protections in place
  • Do not work with blunted or dulled irons it can damage the mechanism, the advance of the planer, break the belt
  • The machine does not start? No doubt the chip ejector housing is poorly positioned on the planer jointer, it is a safety!

General description of the planer thicknesser Holzmann HOB260ECO:

  • The mechanically welded frame, rigid and robust, ensures a great stability.
  • Adjustable aluminum planing guide, 45º tilt, 3-irons blade shaft.
  • Swivel gray ironwork tables.
  • Automatic advance disengaged.
  • The chip collector allows a work environment free of dust and chips.
  • Planing passage in planing by simple pivoting with positioning of the suction valve.

Technical characteristics of planer thicknesser Holzmann HOB260ECO:


  • Width of planing: 253 mm
  • Total length jointer tables: 1085 mm
  • Max. : 3 mm
  • Dimensions guidewire : 700x130 mm
  • Tilt guide inclination: 90 ° -45 °


  • Max planing width: 245 mm
  • Planing table length: 590 mm
  • Planing height max. : 185 mm (from 6 to 195 mm)
  • Max. : 2.5 mm on soft wood
  • Speed ​​in advance: 5.5 m / min
  • Output motor power S1 (100%) / S6: 1.5 kW / 2.1 kW
  • Voltage: 230V or 400V to choose
  • Rotation speed of the shaft: 4000 rpm
  • Diameter of the tree: 75 mm
  • Number of shoes: 3 (250x30x3mm)
  • Weight approx: 140 kg
  • Diameter of the suction nozzle: 100 mm

Planer thicknesser Holzmann HOB260ECO comes with:

  • 3 regreasable irons
  • aluminum planing guide
  • editing tools
  • tree protector

As you can see, this Holzmann HOB260ECO jointer-planer is practically the same machine as the Holzmann HOB260NL or the Jean l'ébéniste ML392, Leman RAD250, Bernardo ADM260 for example.

Good to know: Three-phase machines (3-phase, neutral and earth) are usually delivered without a plug. When mounting, be careful not to connect the wires upside down to avoid damaging the mechanical system! See the correct outlet: three-phase electrical outlet.


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