Dust collector Bernardo DC850CF
  • Dust collector Bernardo DC850CF
  • Dust collector Bernardo DC850CF
  • Dust collector Bernardo DC850CF
  • Dust collector Bernardo DC850CF

Dust collector Bernardo DC850CF

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Bernardo professional workshop vacuum cleaner DC850CF equipped with 4 filter cartridges will allow you to connect 4 machines simultaneously with a total capacity of 760 liters! It offers a suction power of 7800 m³ / h!

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A chip vacuum cleaner is essential in woodworking and carpentry, it sucks dust and wood chips, protects your machine ensuring its guarantee and above all protects the health of the user!

But how to make the right choice of chip vacuum cleaner?
The more the vacuum cleaner has a high suction flow, the better it performs. The higher the airflow, the more suitable and powerful the motor is.
For small models of woodworking machines such as planer-jointers up to 200 mm wide, small band saws, etc. .. the choice can be made on an entry-level vacuum cleaner.
On the other hand, the larger the size of the machines on which the vacuum cleaner is to be connected, the more it will be necessary to choose a vacuum cleaner with a high power. suction. For example, a planer-jointer with a width of 300 mm produces large wood chips and in large quantities, if the vacuum cleaner is undersized, unsuitable, he will not be able to extract what the machine asks him to do. the stuffing ensured, let alone the damage to the two machines!

Take note of the characteristics of this Bernardo DC850CF chip vacuum cleaner!

General description :

  • Ideal for vacuuming sawdust and chips
  • Standard with filter cartridges
  • With adapter to connect four machines simultaneously
  • Solid sheet steel frame reduces static load compared to plastic enclosures
  • Filter cartridge with large filtration surface to improve suction power
  • Powerful suction thanks to the aerodynamic steel rotor

Technical specifications of the Bernardo DC850CF chip vacuum cleaner:

  • Suction flow: 7800 m³ / h
  • Filtration area: 16,0 m²
  • Maximum depression: 2340 Pa
  • ø suction nozzle: 1 x 180 mm
  • ø suction nozzle with distributor: 4 x 100 mm
  • Bag capacity: 760 l (4 x 190 l)
  • Unloaded speed: 2800 rpm.
  • Sound volume: 80 dB
  • Continuous power S1 100%: 5.2 kW (7.0 hp)
  • Power S6 40%: 7.0 kW (9.5 hp)
  • Voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 1480 x 1480 x 1730 mm
  • Weight approx. : 115 kg

The Bernardo DC850CF chip vacuum cleaner comes with :

  • 4 FP2 filter cartridges
  • 4 Chip Bags
  • Adapter 1 x 180 mm / 4 x 100 mm

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