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oscillating cylinder sander

The oscillating cylinder sander allows the sanding of all curvilinear parts such as routing as well as all scribed parts.

A wide range of oscillating cylinder sanders

Very used in the violin for the sanding of curved edges but also in carpentry for the finish of scalloped wood parts, the oscillating movement of this sander perfectly removes all traces. Some machines are offered with different sander cylinder diameters offering a wide range of sanding possibilities. For each diameter, sanding paper or abrasive sleeve is available in different grains to remove, rough, to the most perfect finish. This wood sander is available as a bench machine but also portable, the Triton brand having specialized in this principle of oscillating sanding.

Oscillating cylindre sander - Probois machinoutils

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Oscillating sander Scheppach OSM100

129.17 € Tax included

The Scheppach OSM 100 oscillating sander is the ideal tool for sanding your small shaped parts!

Not available

Belt sander and oscillating cylinder Scheppach OSM600

195.83 € Tax included

This Scheppach OSM600 machine goes from oscillating drum sander to belt sander very easily! Double rotary and vertically oscillating action for fast sanding and a good work rate!

Sander oscillating Jean Carpenter PAO230

414.17 € Tax included

The Sander oscillating tree PAO230 of John the cabinetmaker, allows sanding curved parts as templates of routing or routing, as well as parts fretwork.