Edge sanding machine

Edge sanding machine are complementary machines in a carpentry workshop, essential for a wood-combined machine, for example a planer-planer.

Different models of edge sanding machine exist!

The long-belt sander is used to sand large surfaces of different materials such as wood, aluminum or metal by adapting the quality of the tape.

The stationary belt sander uses endless abrasive belts and is mainly used in cabinet making and small joinery because it allows to work in series.

Often it is possible to sand horizontally but also vertically.

The sanding work will be easy because these woodworking machines are built.

They are chosen according to their width and length of abrasive belts offering medium or large sanding area and also according to their motorization according to the intensive or occasional use that one wants to make.

Edge sanding machine - Probois machinoutils

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Belt and disc sander Scheppach BTS900
140.83 € Price
Belt and disc sander Holzmann BT1220TOP
  • -€20.00
Belt and disc sander Holzmann BT1220TOP
267.50 € Regular price €290.00 Price
Sander long strip and disc Holzmann BT1220
340.83 € Price
Belt sander Bernardo HV70
  • -€100.00
Belt sander Bernardo HV70
520.83 € Regular price €623.33 Price
Belt sander oscillating Holzmann KOS2260C
770.83 € Price
Oscillating belt sander Holzmann KOS2510
882.50 € Price
Edge sanding machine oscillating Holzmann KOS2740C
1,457.50 € Price
Edge sanding machine oscillating Bernardo KSM 2740 CN
1,499.16 € Price
Belt sander with table Holzmann BSM2600P - 400V
3,632.50 € Price
Oscillating Edge Sander Bernardo KSM3000C
2,374.17 € Price
Oscillating edge sander Holzprofi PCHO3000
3,499.17 € Price
Belt and Roller Sander Holzmann R455B
2,899.17 € Price
Oscillating belt sander Holzprofi ES6108 - 400V
2,829.17 € Price
Drum sander Holzprofi SPB635
5,082.50 € Price
Drum sander Holzprofi SPB940
6,915.83 € Price