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Edge sanding machine

Edge sanding machine are complementary machines in a carpentry workshop, essential for a wood-combined machine, for example a planer-planer.

Different models of edge sanding machine exist!

The long-belt sander is used to sand large surfaces of different materials such as wood, aluminum or metal by adapting the quality of the tape.

The stationary belt sander uses endless abrasive belts and is mainly used in cabinet making and small joinery because it allows to work in series.

Often it is possible to sand horizontally but also vertically.

The sanding work will be easy because these woodworking machines are built.

They are chosen according to their width and length of abrasive belts offering medium or large sanding area and also according to their motorization according to the intensive or occasional use that one wants to make.

Edge sanding machine - Probois machinoutils

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Belt and disc sander... Belt and disc sander...
  • -€14.00

Belt and disc sander Scheppach BTS900

126.83 € €143.33 -€14.00

The scheppach BTS900 combined belt and disc sander is the right machine for the most varied finishing jobs on all types of wood and similar materials.

Belt and disc sander Holzmann BT1220TOP

279.17 €

This Holzmann BT1220TOP long belt and disc sander is a machine with a large flat surface for sanding and dressing work. The rounded end of the band is ideal for modeling and sanding fretwork shapes.

Sander long strip and disc Holzmann BT1220

340.83 €

The Sander to tape and disk Holzmann BT1220 offers a gRande surface flat for grinding, dressing and the shaping of various parts of songs straight or curved...

Belt sander Bernardo HV70

620.83 €

The belt sander Bernardo HV70 allows you to work pieces high, wide and long and thanks to its stop grinding, you can also guide small parts in a safe and practical way.

Belt sander oscillating Holzmann KOS2260C

770.83 €

The edge sanding machine oscillating Holzmann KOS2260C is a machine supplied with its lockable steel base, equipped with its miter gauge, it guarantees a remarkable sanding accuracy!

Edge sanding machine oscillating Holzmann KOS2740C

1,457.50 €

This edge sanding oscillating machine Holzmann KOS2740C belt sander is a powerful machine equipped with a lockable base, table stopper and miter fence, an ideal sander for outstanding sanding results!

Edge sanding machine oscillating Bernardo KSM 2740 CN

1,499.16 €

This edge sanding oscillating machine Bernardo KSM 2740 CN belt sander is a powerful machine equipped with a lockable base, table stopper and miter fence, an ideal sander for outstanding sanding results!

Oscillating edge sander Holzprofi PCHO3000

3,715.83 €

This oscillating edge sander offers the possibility of working solid wood edges as well as veneered edges thanks to its pad and its cast iron cheeks.

Oscillating belt sander Holzprofi ES6108 - 400V

2,999.17 €

This Holzprofi ES6108 oscillating edge sander allows for curvilinear sanding thanks to the cast iron table (height and length adjustable) supplied as standard as well as the various cylinders delivered in series too.

Suction table Cormak DT1500

607.50 €

Cormak DT1500 suction table with filtration device useful wherever sanding takes place.