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Wet and dry sharpener Scheppach Tiger 3000VS variable speed and 3 jig

Reference: SCTIGER3000VS+3V

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The Scheppach Tiger 3000vs grinding machine has variable speeds for very gentle grinding and a wider grinding wheel! Economic model because of its plastic shell at very good value!

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Sharpening is an art in itself and difficult to achieve without having equipment to sharpen and demowl. Without training, it is possible to make costly mistakes and damage tools.

The Tiger 3000VS grinding machine from Scheppach provides very good results thanks to its 2 speeds in advance!

Your tools will cut like razor blades with a minimum of experience, this work is easily achievable by beginners. The added advantage of the variable speed is that it allows you to adjust the rotation of the grinding wheel, whatever its diameter. It is an ideal tool for the home and workshop which can be completed by a wide range of accessories to sharpen knives, scissors and all cutting tools of the workshop. Read carefully the features of the Tiger3000VS, compare its price and you will choose the Scheppach model.

Like the Tiger 2000S, the tiger 3000VS has a tough plastic shell with granite coating, which makes it attractive!

General description of the Scheppach Tiger 3000VS water grinding machine:

  • Induction motor, powerful, regular and durable
  • Large contact surface: 63 mm wide grinding wheel (only 50 mm for Tiger 2500)
  • Very durable 250 mm diameter wheel
  • Unbreakable adjustable water tank
  • The wheel contains aluminum oxide for a perfect result in less time
  • Also makes it easy to sharpen carbide tools

Technical specifications of the Scheppach Tiger 3000VS water grinding machine:

  • Variable speeds: 90-150 rpm
  • diameter of the wheel: 250 mm
  • grinding of the grinding wheel: 220
  • diameter of the axis of the grinding wheel: 12 mm
  • quality of the grinding wheel: corundum aluminum hydroxide
  • number of turns of the wheel: 90
  • grinding wheel width: 63 mm
  • height of the machine: 425 mm
  • length of the machine: 460 mm
  • width of the machine: 300 mm
  • gross mass: 13 kg
  • net mass: 11 kg
  • power consumption P1: 180 W
  • voltage: 230-240 V

The Scheppach Tiger 3000VS grinding machine comes with :

Sharpening device for straight surfaces V70+ V120 + Stone grader - Protractor - Detachable demounting disc to remove the morfil and get a perfect edge - Grinding wheel - Sharpening paste.

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