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Planer thicknesser Bernardo PT260 with dust collector integrated

Planer thicknesser Bernardo PT260 with dust collector integrated

Reference: BPT260

749.17 €

Including €2.50 for ecotax

The planer and thicknesser Bernardo PT260 is a rugged machine with built-in dust collector system - no more dust collector hose in your shop!

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The planer thicknesser Bernardo PT260 is the best in its class!

The Bernardo PT260 jointer-planer is a robust machine with integrated suction system ideal for those who do not yet have a vacuum cleaner. However, the suction function is more efficient in planing mode, planing mode according to the pass, the larger chips may not be easily removed and the bag quickly filled!

This machine is the best of all entry level jointers in 260 mm width. Dedicated to the handyman and amateur anxious to afford a good material for a small budget, it is equipped with resharpable irons, much more effective than other machines in this category equipped with thin irons disposable. Since the irons are regrindable, it is possible to equip this jointer of carbide irons, the recommended quality for hardwood and abrasive because largely more effective.

Important recommendation of Probois for many woodworking machines:

  • Before starting always check the inside of the machine, see if the belts are correctly fitted, tighten the bolts, grease the tables, etc. because the different transports cause vibrations.
  • Always use an extension cord of 2.5² wire size
  • The extension must not exceed 10 meters and must not be rolled
  • Provide an electrical meter with special fuses at least 16A starting
  • Have a standard electric meter with neutral and earth
  • Always work with a chip vacuum cleaner for your health and machine warranty
  • Always grease the cast iron tables with slip-wood
  • Always work with the protections in place
  • Do not work with blunted or dulled irons it can damage the mechanism, the advance of the planer, break the belt
  • The machine does not start? No doubt the chip ejector housing is poorly positioned on the planer jointer, it is a safety!

General description of the planer thicknesser Bernardo PT260:

  • Fine-adjustment face tables and noise-reducing lips
  • Quad planing planing table for precise planing of boards, chopsticks, etc.
  • Integrated suction for optimum value for money
  • Simple and fast setting of the pass-off
  • Perfectly flat aluminum planing tables for a precise result
  • Suction hood (ø 80 mm) can be used for planing or planing
  • HSS tree
  • Fluted feed roll for safe and regular wood feeding
  • Stable prismatic guide, tilting from 90 ° to 45 °
  • Standard with iron adjustment template for ultra-precise positioning
  • Canned advance for alignment

Technical specifications of the planer thicknesser Bernardo PT260:

  • Dimensions tables mm: 1050 x 260
  • Width of alignment mm: 260
  • shaft ø mm: 55
  • Number of shoes: 2
  • Depth of mm: from 0 to 2
  • Table top dimensions mm: 480 x 250
  • Planing width mm: 250
  • Planing timber height mm: 160
  • Capacity in liters of the vacuum cleaner: 30
  • Speed ​​of rotation rpm: 6700
  • Advance of the detachable wood: yes
  • Mono engine - Absorbed power P1 W: 1600
  • Weight kg: 91
  • Dimensions mm: 1160 x 590 x 1050

The planer thicknesser Bernardo PT260 comes with:

Reciprocating parallel guide - Bridge guard - Mobile chip sensor for draft and planer suction - 1 set of irons set in position - Service keys - Push button.

Good to know: Three-phase machines (3-phase, neutral and earth) are usually delivered without a plug. When mounting, be careful not to connect the wires upside down to avoid damaging the mechanical system! See the correct outlet: three-phase electrical outlet.

As you can see, this Bernardo PT260 jointer-planer is exactly the same machine as the Holzmann HOB260ABS brand !
We make you discover this machine through this very video interesting tour by a colleague in another country:

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