Dust collector Holzmann ABS1080
  • Dust collector Holzmann ABS1080

Dust collector Holzmann ABS1080 or Bernardo DC230

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The dust collector Holzmann ABS1080 is the best in class with its 100 liters of storage, metal turbine, 750W motor and suction power of 1080 m³ / h!

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A dust collector is essential in woodworking and carpentry, it sucks dust and wood chips, protects your machine ensuring its guarantee and above all protects the health of the user!

But how to make the right choice of dust collector?
The more the dust collector has a high suction flow, the better it performs. The higher the airflow, the more suitable and powerful the motor is.
For small models of woodworking machines such as planer-jointers up to 200 mm wide, small band saws, etc. .. the choice can be made on an entry-level dust collector.
On the other hand, the larger the size of the machines on which the vacuum cleaner is to be connected, the more it will be necessary to choose a dust collector with a high power. suction. For example, a planer-jointer with a width of 300 mm produces large wood chips and in large quantities, if the dust collectoris undersized, unsuitable, he will not be able to extract what the machine asks him to do. the stuffing ensured, let alone the damage to the two machines!

The dust collector Holzmann ABS1080 is the best in class!

This dust collector has a 750W motor and its power of 1080 m3 / hour. It is equipped with a steel turbine thus avoiding the repeated change of the resin turbines not resistant to the aspiration of a piece of wood not avoided!

The technical characteristics of this dust collector are:

  • Steel turbine
  • Height 1900 mm
  • Air suction m3 / hour: 1080
  • Speed: 2950 rpm
  • Decibels: 86.5
  • Fill quantity L: 100
  • Dimensions pipe L x ø mm: 2500 x 100
  • Number of suction nozzles and ø mm: 1 x ø 100
  • Motor (50Hz) 230V
  • Power of choice: 750W
  • Size: 740 x 470 x 1900 mm
  • Weight: 28 kg

The dust collector Holzmann ABS1080 comes with:

  • 1 filter bag and 1 receptor bag
  • 1 suction hose 2.5 m
  • Traveling wheels
  • Instruction Manual - Service Keys

Do not forget! Chip vacuums ensure good working conditions, hygiene, comfort and safety. They contribute to the proper functioning of the machines, guarantee them and extend their service life.

In the event of a break in the Holzmann brand, see the exactly identical dust collector Bernardo DC230: click here!

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