Planer and thicknesser machines

The Planer and thicknesser machines remains the most used machine in carpentry by both the individual and the professional!

Planer and thicknesser machines for every need!

The Planer and thicknesser machine makes the four sides of a piece of wood perfectly parallel and squares (planer) and the planer to machine the wood to the exact dimensions. Suffice to say that this woodworking machine is a significant time saver and comes in different widths of planing and planing height, different engines depending on the wood to work, different qualities of machining and construction depending on whether it is for a handyman, a knowledgeable amateur or a professional! Our range of planer planer is very wide for small and large budgets and especially for casual workers and professionals !

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  • Brand: Cormak

Planer and thicknesser Cormak PT260

1,082.50 €

The planer thicknesser Cormak PT260 is a high-strength cast-iron machine that will meet the requirements of the discerning enthusiast with its 250 mm width!