Carpenter's and cabinetmakers' workbenches are used to work on wood pieces that are very popular in the profession.

High quality carpenter workbenches for DIY and training

From the simple rubberwood workbench to the more qualitative solid beechwood, and the glued laminated beech quality, you will find your cabinet or joiner workbench depending on your space and your budget.

Equipped with horizontal and lateral presses, these workbenches have holes that can accommodate the valets, their tables are massive to allow clamping of heavy parts, a shelf or a drawer, sometimes both and sometimes even a storage cabinet will complete these essentials in the workshop of the individual or the woodworker.

Workbenches - Probois Machinoutils

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Work bench Holzmann Zipper WB126
157.50 € Price
Work bench Holzmann WB123A
332.50 € Price
Work bench Bernardo WB 1500 Hobby
412.50 € Price
Work bench Bernardo WB 2000 Hobby
449.17 € Price
Work bench Holzmann WB210
499.17 € Price
Work bench Bernardo WB 2100 Profi
749.17 € Price
Work bench Holzmann WB210C
782.50 € Price
Work bench Holzmann WT06
  • -€30.00
Work bench Holzmann WT06
102.50 € Regular price €132.50 Price
Work bench Holzmann WT37
  • -€30.00
Work bench Holzmann WT37
169.17 € Regular price €199.17 Price
Work bench Holzmann WT39
  • -€50.00
Work bench Holzmann WT39
199.17 € Regular price €249.17 Price