Planer thicknesser 305 mm Holzmann HOB305PRO
  • Planer thicknesser 305 mm Holzmann HOB305PRO
  • Planer thicknesser 305 mm Holzmann HOB305PRO
  • Planer thicknesser 305 mm Holzmann HOB305PRO
  • Planer thicknesser 305 mm Holzmann HOB305PRO
  • Planer thicknesser 305 mm Holzmann HOB305PRO
  • Planer thicknesser 305 mm Holzmann HOB305PRO

Planer thicknesser 305 mm Holzmann HOB305PRO

1,662.50 €

Including €2.50 for ecotax

Reference: HOB305PRO

The planer and thicknesser Holzmann HOB305PRO has a greater planing height than the others thanks to its 215 mm capacity!

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The planer thicknesser Holzmann HOB305PRO is very good value for money!

This machine is dedicated to the handymen and amateurs aware of the quality of their machines. The Holzmann HOB305PRO planer-jointer is already equipped with a roller system for easy movement, so the purchase of the moving kit is no longer necessary!

Important recommendation of Probois for many woodworking machines:

  • Before starting always check the inside of the machine, see if the belts are correctly fitted, tighten the bolts, grease the tables, etc. because the different transports cause vibrations.
  • Always use an extension cord of 2.5² wire size
  • The extension must not exceed 10 meters and must not be rolled
  • Provide an electrical meter with special fuses at least 16A starting
  • Have a standard electric meter with neutral and earth
  • Always work with a chip vacuum cleaner for your health and machine warranty
  • Always grease the cast iron tables with slip-wood
  • Always work with the protections in place
  • Do not work with blunted or dulled irons it can damage the mechanism, the advance of the planer, break the belt

General description of the planer thicknesser Holzmann HOB305PRO:

  • Laminating table to move quickly to planing
  • Integrated chip suction hood, foldable - diam. 100 mm connection
  • Fine-adjustment face tables and noise-reducing lips
  • 4-irons maintenance-free shafts, 18% HSS steel irons
  • Spiral-toothed feed roller for safe and regular feeding of wood
  • Planing perfectly flat thanks to the central column table and support
  • Side guide for placing the machine directly against a wall
  • Standard with iron adjustment template for ultra-precise positioning
  • Powerful engine with significant power reserves

The planer thicknesser Holzmann HOB305PRO is equipped with:

  • HSS irons
  • Built-in wheeled chassis
  • Push

Technical characteristics of planer thicknesser Holzmann HOB305PRO:

  • 230 V or 400 V motor power: 2200W
  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 1522 x 860 x 1160 mm
  • Speed ​​of rotation of the shaft: 3450 rpm
  • Diameter of the tree: 74 mm
  • Mortising chuck: 16 mm
  • Iron dimensions: 305 x 25 x 3 mm - 4 Irons
  • Suction outlet: 100 mm
  • Width of planing: 305 mm
  • Dimensions of the jointer tables (LxW): 1522 x 305 mm
  • Guide dimensions (LxH): 1100 x 155 mm & lt;
  • Inclination of the guide: 90 ° to -45 °
  • Depth: 0 to 4 mm
  • Working height: 900 mm
  • Planing width: 300 mm
  • Planing height: 3-220 mm
  • Depth of pass: up to 4 mm
  • Feed speed: 6.7 m / min
  • Dimensions of the planing table (LxW): 585 x 300 mm
  • Net weight: 288 Kg
  • Packing (mm): 1660 x 640 x 1050
  • Gross weight: 325 Kg

Good to know: Three-phase machines (3-phase, neutral and earth) are usually delivered without a plug. When mounting, be careful not to connect the wires upside down to avoid damaging the mechanical system! See the correct outlet: three-phase electrical outlet.


The delivery of this very heavy planer jointer (more than 300 kg) requires a big truck with rags! The place of delivery must be provided so that the truck can approach easily. In the case of a delivery location which is difficult to access, we must inform us so that we can order a smaller truck but delivery charges will apply for this special request. Delivery charges must be paid before shipment.

The machine arrives in a wooden crate. Our prices do not include assembly or installation. It is advisable to have your electrical installation checked by a professional to make sure that it can support the power of this machine so as not to damage it by an unsuitable meter.


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