Air filtration system 60 Jean l'Ebéniste
  • Air filtration system 60 Jean l'Ebéniste

Air filtration system 60 Jean l'Ebéniste

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Air filtration or air purification system for professional, industrial or woodworking workshop, carpentry, cabinetmaker. It offers an air flow of 60 m3 / min.

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The Air 60 filtration system is equipped with 2 filters.

The first is a classic panel filter, the second is a HEPA air filter. A HEPA filter has the ability to retain particles in the air with a diameter of 0.3 μ with an efficiency rate of 99.97%. This is called an absolute filter with high efficiency, meeting the current standard (EN-1822-1), manufactured using the miniplication technique increasing the filtration area.

The particles are captured by 5 different mechanisms:

  • Deposition: it occurs when the particle lands on the filter fiber by gravitation.
  • Electrostatic attraction: it is the attraction of the particles towards the fiber of the filter, following the electrostatic charge (of different polarity) caused by the friction of the air.
  • Interception: it depends on the particle size (& gt; or = 0.3 micron). This phenomenon is possible when a particle leaves the air flow to the fiber of the filter and is held there.
  • The impact: when a larger particle (ou = 0.5 micron) leaves the airstream to implant directly onto the filter fiber.
  • Dispersion: incessant movement of the smallest particles (0.07 to 0.3 microns) following the bombardment of these particles. The particles then disperse through the air stream (air flow lines) with a very high probability of impact on the filter fiber. Dispersion is the main mechanism of capture in a HEPA filter. This filter is mounted on wheels and can therefore be approached near the source of dust emission.

Technical characteristics of Air filtration system 60 Jean l'Ebéniste:

  • Air flow, fast speed m3 / min: 60
  • Airflow, average speed m3 / mim: 45
  • Frame thickness: 1.5 in aluminum.
  • Panel air filter: 610x610x25
  • HEPA filtration: 610x610x292
  • Fast sound pressure dB: 68
  • Slow sound pressure dB: 63
  • Slow sound pressure dB: 750W / 1CV
  • Motor power 230V / 50Hz: 980x730x800
  • On wheels
  • Weight: 60
  • Packing: 980x730x800 / 70 kg

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