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Combined wood 5 operations Holzmann K5 320VFP with carriage 2000 mm

Combined wood 5 operations Holzmann K5 320VFP with carriage 2000 mm

Reference: HK5320VFP-2000

5,545.83 €

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A high-end European professional woodworking combination, Holzmann K5 320VFP! Heavy-duty welded sheet metal frame, slid aluminum carriage sliding on hardened rails, a sure bet!

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The Holzmann K5-320VFP-2000 wood combination offers 5 indispensable woodworking operations for professionals!

This is the ideal combination of professional and knowledgeable amateur who can plan, plan, saw, toss and tenon.

Important recommendation from Probois for many woodworking machines such as this handset:

  • Before starting always check the inside of the machine, see if the belts are correctly fitted, tighten the bolts, grease the tables, etc. because the different transports cause vibrations.
  • Always use an extension cord of 2.5² wire size
  • The extension must not exceed 10 meters and must not be rolled
  • Provide an electric meter with special fuses starting machine of at least 20A
  • Have a standard electric meter with neutral and earth
  • Always work with a chip vacuum cleaner for your health and machine warranty
  • Always grease the cast iron tables with slip-wood
  • Always work with the protections in place
  • Do not work with blunted or dulled irons it can damage the mechanism, the advance of the planer, break the belt
  • The machine does not start? No doubt the chip ejector housing is poorly positioned on the planer jointer, it is a safety!

Holzmann K5-320VFP-2000 Wood Combination System Overview:

  • Frame made of thick welded sheet metal
  • Blade aluminum trolley sliding on high precision hardened rails
  • Telescopic ruler of 2500m with 2 stops on a carriage frame to be squared
  • Parallel guide with micrometric adjustment
  • Reciprocating saw blade 0-45 °
  • Fixed tree top
  • Rectified cast iron tables
  • Very high sawing and routing capabilities
  • Router with safety bar guides
  • Perpendicular open planing tables on the saw-to-saw side
  • Optional mortiser rotation on the left

Technical characteristics of each Holzmann K5-320VFP-2000 handset operation:


  • Table dimensions 1500x320 mm
  • Dimensions planing table 600x316 mm 1100x155 mm thickness guide dimensions
  • Tilt guide inclination 90 to 45 °
  • Planing height 230 mm
  • Diameter of the shaft to 3 irons 100 mm
  • Advance speed disengageable
  • Chip taking max. dew 5
  • Chip taking max. planing 3
  • Rotation of the tree 5000 rpm
  • Motor power 230V / 50Hz: 2.2 KW (3CV)

MORTISER (optional )

  • WESCOTT type mandrel 0 - 16 mm
  • Longitudinal stroke 200 mm
  • Cross Stroke 150 mm
  • Slotting height above the table 125 mm
  • Dimensions of the table 250 x 400 mm


  • Dimensions cast iron table 1250x450 mm
  • With sheet extension 400 x 450 mm
  • Max. of the tool in the table / housing 180/200 mm
  • Diameter of the tree x length 30 x 125 mm
  • Tilt of the Fixed Tree
  • Running of the tree 160 mm
  • Speed ​​of rotation 1400/3500/6000/8000 rpm
  • Motor power 230V / 50Hz: 2.2 KW (3CV)


  • Aluminum trolley dimensions 2000 x 285 mm
  • Dimensions cast iron table 1250 x 450
  • Cart frame dimensions 900 x 600
  • Cutting width at the guide // 630 mm
  • Blade diameter 315 x 30 mm
  • Diameter of the scorer 120 x 20 mm
  • Saw speed 4000 rpm
  • Speed ​​of the scoring machine 8000 rpm
  • Inclination of the blade 0 to 90 °
  • Max. cutting height at 45 ° and 90 ° 72 and 102 mm
  • Motor power 230V / 50Hz: 2.2 KW (3CV)
  • Scoring motor power 0.75Kw / 1CV
  • Suction nozzle 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 60 mm
  • Total weight 900 kg
  • Gross weight: 1 ton

This handset Holzmann K5-320VFP-2000 is a professional machine dedicated to the professionals but also to the amateurs looking for a material of quality!

We recommend to consult us for the delivery time which can vary according to the factory Holzprofi because it can be fast (under 5 days approximately) if it is available in their stocks until 3 weeks if it is currently being sourced.


The delivery of this very heavy wood combination (1 ton) requires a big truck with rags! The place of delivery must be provided so that the truck can approach easily. In the case of a delivery location which is difficult to access, we must inform us so that the factory can order a smaller truck but delivery charges will apply for this special request. Delivery charges must be paid before shipment.

The handset arrives in a wooden case. Our prices do not include the assembly of the various accessories such as the trolley, the protectors, the guides ... nor the installation.

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