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Plunge saw

The plunge saw is a circular saw that has a blade retraction-retraction system for a cleaner and more precise cut safely!

The plunge saw: To cut safely

Unlike the portable circular saw on which the blade is always pulled out, the blade of the plunge saw only comes into action when the user wishes it! A huge security and a huge advantage is that you can cut a plank in the wood while with the traditional circular saw you must always start with an edge! The plunge saw is mainly used with a rail, a famous guide to ensure cuts perfect!

Different brands share the market with the famous Festool but here you will find the same brand Scheppach or Triton whose price defy competition!

Plunge saw - Probois machinoutils

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Saw plunge Scheppach PL75 with 1400 mm rail Saw plunge Scheppach PL75 with 1400 mm rail
  • -€30.00

Plunge saw Scheppach PL75

128.33 € €158.83 -€30.00

This plunge saw Scheppach PL75 is cut for the do-it-yourselfer, for carpentry or layout work. The plunging attack allows to cut in full panel, up to 75 mm thick.