Abrasive disc hook and loop 125 mm to 300 mm

Bench sanders and lap sanders require self-gripping discs without perforation because suction does not pass through.

Here are the abrasive discs Velcro system without perforation diameter 125 to 300 mm.

The 125 mm diameter discs are adaptable to different brands offering the same bench sander such as Kity PBD700, Scheppach BTS700, Scheppach BD7500, Holzmann BT75, OTMT, Mac Allister MBDP250 and many others. Those with 150 mm diameter are dedicated to bench sanders such as Kity PBD900, Scheppach BTS900X, Scheppach BTS800, Einhell TC-US 400, Ferm BGM1003, Holzstar BTS150 and many others. The 230 mm diameter corresponds to the Holzmann BT1220 stationary sanding machines, Bernardo BDSM230 and Bernardo BDSM230C, the 250 mm diameter is adaptable to lapidary sanders such as the Holzmann TSM250 for example and the 300 mm diameter for the Leman PON306 and Holzmann TS305.

We offer them in professional range on canvas corundum support for an excellent quality of work and rendering and so that your consumable does not wear quickly and in standard range for less demanding.

Abrasive disc hook and loop 125 mm to 300 mm - Probois machinoutils

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