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Chisel for wood turning

Wide range of roughing gouges, profiling guns, scrapers, all the tools for your wood lathe for a precise turning of your wood pieces!

The chisel of turning on wood are the tools indispensable to the lathe with wood!

Generally presented in a box, the gouges are the indispensable wood tool of the turner. The most used models of gouges are presented here, for beginners or amateurs, with long sleeves for a good grip, these gouges will allow you to easily realize all the detours, digging and shaping of the piece of wood.

Chisel for wood turning - Probois machinoutils

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Coffret de 4 gouges de tournage pour anneaux prisonniers et creusage
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Set of turning tools, 6 pcs
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Set of turning tools, 6 pcs
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Set of turning tools, 8 pcs
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Wood Chisel Set 3 pces
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Wood Chisel Set 5 pces
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Wood Rasp Round 200 mm
8.32 € Price
Wood Rasp Half-Round 200 mm
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Wood Rasp Flat 200 mm
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