Aménagement d'atelier

Any handyman or professional needs to arrange his workshop to store these tools and tools and to work with his machine tools.

A wide range of accessories for the development of his workshop!

Woodworking machines or machine tools are often heavy and cumbersome, so to move them in his workshop, what better than to equip them with special moving kits. Different types of kits exist to adapt to the size and weight of the machine. So your planer jointer, your router, your band saw or your circular saw will not occupy a fixed place, they can be arranged easily after service! And to work more easily with its machines, a range of roller maid, roller and ball maid, extendable maid or fixed maid is at your disposal here.

A workshop is also the right place for a beautiful carpenter's workbench or metal workbench!

Different models of wooden workbench are offered to wood lovers, a quality work surface with presses and vices essential in carpentry. Metal workbenches and maids are also presented for storing tools and tools.

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