Abrasive belt for drum sander

The drum sander is a wood machine widely used in the field of carpentry and the owners need abrasive regularly to be able to sand.

Find here all the abrasive belts for different sanding machines!

From the smallest and most popular calibrator in 400 mm wide we find the bands for models Holzmann ZS400U, Jean l'ébéniste SPBL405, Scheppach Slik 5.0c, Leman PON400, Bernardo ZSM405 and other brands such as Jet, Holzstar, Holtzling ...

In width 560 mm, we find the sander Holzmann ZS560U and Bernardo ZSM560 and for larger machines we find the Holzmann ZS640P and Holzmann ZS970P.

Abrasive belt for drum sander - Probois machinoutils

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