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Anyone who owns woodworking machines, planer jointers, band saws, table saws, spinners, and many more use a chip vacuum.

What's coming and going between his machine and his vacuum cleaner to turn off and on!

The solution ? The automatic trigger, also says timer!

The automatic shutter will start your vacuum synchronized or more precisely with a few seconds of offset so as to avoid too much current draw and finish vacuuming after stopping the machine.

How does an automatic trigger work?

Chip vacuums are CE approved with a green button, a red button and an emergency stop. Timers that have existed for many years do not take into account these standards because it is mechanically impossible to restart a vacuum cleaner with this type of switch.

You will find 3 kinds of triggers, whether you have one or more machines, whether single-phase or three-phase, your timer exists!

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